Five floors of creative energy.

In the heart of São Paulo, between avenues 9 de Julho and 23 de Maio, you will find a space that inspires, connects and transforms people, filling the city with creative energy. That’s Red Bull Station: five floors where different expressions merge, focused on projects involving music, art, dance, maker technology and social innovation.

The building, constructed in 1926, held the old Riachuelo substation, deactivated in 2004 and registered by Conpresp as a historical heritage site. After a lengthy remodeling process to adapt the space to its new use, the building reopened its doors to the public in October 2013.

The space has free entry and holds permanent programs of residencies and occupations, as well as a Cafeteria and a recording studio, the Red Bull Music Studios São Paulo. There is also a must-see schedule of lectures, concerts, workshops, performances and film screenings.